An index of Dundonians who made Australia their home!image of australian flag

Heather's avatarI am a member of the Tay Valley Family History Association which is based in Dundee, Scotland and have Scottish ancestry; with ancestors hailing from Dundee, Strathdon, Glasgow, Cathcart and Alvie.

I have put this index together purely as a finding aid for researchers to further their own research and assist in finding those elusive strays. I have no association with any of these people or website or companies. By being on a web-page or database already, each item is already in the public domain, therefore I have not released any private information, however if anyone feels that they would prefer not to have their individual information listed on this index, please advise me and I will remove it immediately.

I welcome submissions from others for inclusion in this index. Feel free to send any items or comments via email to:

If you find this site useful - please tell others .... thanks for looking, Heather.

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(the database as at 26-Oct-2011 contains 1,243 persons)

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