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Welcome to Ancestry Australia

Genealogy / Ancestry / Family History – who would have thought 30 years ago ... even 10 years ago, that it would be quite the popular hobby that it is today?

With the expanse of affordable internet facilities into libraries and homes, individuals now have the opportunity to discover some basic details of family members without the need of expensive overseas travel and time-consuming snail mail. Although internet searching and the many subscription database services can provide much information on census, births, death & marriages, researchers should not overlook the benefit of personal visits to libraries and archives, as well as membership to societies and involvement with local projects to fill out their family history.

There exists a plethora of web-sites purporting to provide unique genealogy information either for free or on a subscription-to-view basis, more often than not, the sites are expensive duplicates of already readily available information.

In 2012 on the world wide web (www), there were over 331million internet pages containing the word GENEALOGY, over 280million internet pages containing the word ANCESTRY and more than 203million internet pages containing the phrase FAMILY HISTORY.

There is an urgent need to provide a way through the maze of the web for researchers to find “useful” sites. This index provides that - strictly for Australian information, use the menu above.

This web-site is not intended to replicate or mimic other web-sites of similar names. It is not intended to deceive visitors by pretending to be a similarly named commercial site. This site has been online since 2004 before similar named commercial site had a presence here in Australia.

This web-site intends to provide direction to those Australian databases that are free to search.

I hope that you find it useful in your forebear hunting!


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